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*** Correction *** At 2:40 minutes in the video I mentioned you need 20 people you sign up for $1.00 to make $3,000.00 each month… It's actually 50 personal sign ups and 350 in your entire network to make $3K per month. ***

Update: My1DollarBusiness is about to officially launched in January. Date to be Announced soon.

Having success with My1DollarBusiness is so easy once you see all the Tools and Resources we have that could ultimately help your My1DollarBusiness explode to the next level!

I found that one of the most FREE effective ways to promote your My1DollarBusiness is posting on Craigslist. I have a lot of people contacting me daily. Join our team and become an affiliate and I will personally show you how to grow your business using Craigslist, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Post Card Mailing etc…

I also found that if you just write down the people that you know and you make a quick phone call, you will organically create a conversation. And that conversation could be about saving and making money which in turn will help you ask the right questions if someone is interested in becoming an affiliate It's a Win Win.. Remember were not trying to convince anyone. Were sorting, not convincing. And remember to always have fun with it.

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